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Spark proof tools

Beta Spark proof tools are certified by the Federal Institute for Material research and Testing, BAM, under European Directive 99/92/EC.

Insulated tools

Insulated tools are insulated and tested in accordance with IEC 60 900 and DIN 60 900 and not just VDE 0680.

Vehicle repair tools

A wide range of vehicle repair tools to ensure accurate testing and workmanship.

Torque wrenches

Offering exceptional value for money and function. Covering ¼" to ¾" drive and torque from 1 to 1500Nm. Torque multipliers also available.

Pneumatic tools

All pneumatic tools offered with service and product warranty. Tried, tested and proven.


Wide range of pullers include two and three leg, internal pullers and hydraulic pullers.


Teng handles have a unique ergonomically designed bi-material grip with more volume to give a better support, added comfort and higher torque application.

Sockets and socket sets

Offering features to ease your daily work. Fully recyclable packaging and new design to make it practical, sustainable and easy to transport. It also looks good... All made from high quality chrome vanadium steel to conform to all the latest DIN and ISO standards.


Small and large. Available individually and in sets. Combination spanners: metric and imperial, ratcheting , and many more variations.


Adjustable wrenches by Teng available from 4" to 24" Pipe wrenches with aluminium handles and low weight. Oil filter wrenches with straps and chains. New "cup" type wrenches.

Impact tools

Manufactured in chrome molybdenum in accordance with GGG-W-6608 to ensure the highest quality of materials.

Hammers and Chisels

Striking tools cover a wide range of engineering, carpenters, body, dead blow, and rubber faced hammers. Chisel and punches available individually and in sets.

Pliers and Nippers

Wide range of combination, diagonal cutting, cable cutting, long nose, electronic, water pump and wire stripping pliers and nippers.

Tool Assortments and containers

The Teng "Click and fill" option provides a unique way to select the "right" tools for you.

Tool boxes

From carry bags, Tiered toolboxes and Roller cabs, a solution to satisfy all needs.

Hydraulic Jacks

Various sizes to suit all workshops.


For more information, click here for the Teng Tools catalogue.